What are your size recommendations for uploading photos?

We recommend that you always upload your photos in the original resolution from camera. They will automatically be resized to a smaller optimal size when displayed on and the high-resolution file will not be made public.

Do you allow copyright text and watermarks in photos?

All photos on Artpx. are automatically watermarked by us with your name. You are not allowed to add your own watermarks or copyrights on photos sent to the curators, because we want all the photos in the gallery to have a uniform style and watermarks are sometimes disturbing.

Do you allow borders in photos?

Photos sent to the curators for consideration in the gallery should not contain any borders because we want to keep an elegant style in the gallery and borders are sometimes distracting. If your photo is a diptych or triptych borders are allowed in curation, but please make them as discrete as possible. In your profile, you are allowed to add borders to your photos.

What photo details do I need to add for each upload?

It is very important to add a suitable title and description for each photo you upload, You are not allowed to use random or meaningless numbers for the photo title and make sure to upload the photos in a correct category and possibly add tags. Check the NSFW checkbox to enable not-safe-for-work images.

Do you allow using stock photos from other photographers in my photos?

All parts of photos sent to the curators must consist of photos taken by you. You are not allowed to use stock photos in montages. For photos only uploaded to your profile, make sure you have sufficient rights to display them, as you are responsible for any copyright infringes.

Why doesn’t the colors on match the colors in the photo I uploaded?

Make sure to always convert photos to standard sRGB using “Convert to profile” in Photoshop and then save them in JPG format using “Save for web” to ensure that colours are not altered when you upload photos to

How does curation work?

Each photo will be sent to the official curators and is evaluated in terms of idea, mood, aesthetics and technical quality. Originality and variation in the gallery are very important. There is no computer algorithm which decides whether photos are published in the gallery or not, but each and every decision is taken by a real person.

How do I know if my photo was published or rejected?

When curation is finished, you will receive an Email only if the photo was published. if rejected, we will only notify you in the website. Consider your profile as a portfolio of all the photos you consider to be your best.