Artpx is a social network and a marketplace for artists to portray their artwork by uploading their visual arts and creations onto the platform. Every Artists will have access to an exclusive profile whereby all their masterpiece and artworks will be professionally showcased on our platform. The visitors can interact and show interest towards a certain artwork or painting just by liking or commenting on it. 

The uploaded artworks on Artpx are also available for sale at the choice of the visitors liking. Artpx provides printing services to the buyer depending on their needs which includes: digital image printing and canvas printing for their choice of artworks with varying quality and sizes to choose from. Also there is an option to buy the very original painting or sculptures if available by the Artist.

Artpx also has its own online store that merchandises exclusive Artpx products..


Artpx was founded in January 2009 and it’s a registered trademark and started initially as a Facebook Group. It aims to be a vibrant community where you can discuss any visual arts with members from more than 160 different countries and has been successful in achieving that goal, currently having a fan base of 2 Million followers encompassing artist and art enthusiast. At this phase, Artpx publishes artistic artworks ranging from any field to redefine people’s perception of art by uplifting their understanding of art to a higher standard.

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